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ERASERHEADS live in London

Open Call

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What our FRIENDS say

 Salamat ulit Marvin Guzman and Dith Marimon At sa staff ng finest worker ... Sa lahat ng naging bahagi ng P fest maraming maraming salamat po , sana marami pa kayong mapaligayang mga kababayan natin at syempre marami din sa amin na nakapag asawa ng dayuhan na napaligaya din ninyo . Mabuhay P Fest mapasaan man mapunta ... Saludo kami ... One Love !!!!--Jeanette Darien 


Thank you very much Sir Marvin & The Finest Workers Team. PFest UK is the best show in 2014. We look forward to next year and are very excited to know who will be joining PFest 2015 here in the UK soon. All the very best to the coming PFest Canada & Our Philippines--Michael Ragrag 


PFEST UK 2014 in London . Great bands and singers from the Philippines and London organised by the good men and women of Finest Workers ltd UK . Thank you Rhyan RhythmBureau and Marvin Guzman for the invitation. Short hosting from me but had a fab time! Well done for creating a fantastic show! So glad to see lots of wonderful people Jess MagdaongKa Roni,Jhermy EsperanzateAQ AdoroCristita Briz Asis and Neneth Ortega Lyons. All the best on PFest world Tour!-- Petmyla Dela Vega-Joseph Arceno


I have so many things to write about and share on my blog about this trip. Thank you Marvin Guzman and the entire PFest crew for booking our band and making us a part of PFest UK 2014. This trip has been made awesome by those two gigs, super salamat po. Thanks to the entire Indio Team! Mahal namin kayo! Napaka saya ng byahe dahil kasama namin kayo. 
Thank you to all the friends that came and watched the shows, college batch mates Geri Love and Hershey Santa Barbara for making an effort to hang out with us after such a long time and all the good people of all the places we stayed in here in the UK.

We had a grand time!-- Marizel Sarangelo-Placido Tuesday vargas


 thank you for having me a part of this big event....hope you guys enjoyed of having me.. Jonjie Mirabona


Thanks finest workers in be half member of the band Nilo Aquino Paul Torres Paolo Genuino Norly Joy salamat po ng madami God Bless u all... Orly Porte Carbungco 


Kudos finest workers...marvin,dith,ryan at to all the staff...pleasure being part of it..-- Joel Miranda 



Maraming salamat Finest Workers UK Ltd sobra kami nag enjoy. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat:)-- Diego Mapa 


Thank you Bro Marvin & Dith! I'm really happy and proud to be part of this....FINEST WORKERS UK Astig! Pictures coming up soon --Jude Emilio Mendez 


Mabuhay ang Finest Workers! Maraming maraming salamat po sa pag imbita sa amin.—Top Junk


Maraming salamat Boss Marvin at sa lahat ng bumubuo ng Finest Workers UK!-- Ra Rivera 


 bro, ty smch sa lahat. enjoyed our stay sa romford w ur family. dito na ako sa mla ngayon.-- Yano Eric Gancio


Salamat sa FWUK...for making PFest happen! mga bandang taga Pinas at sa mga bandang UK at soloista...mabuhay tayong lahat!...we all made and have been part of this history when big bands in the Phils meet UK bands all in one show !-- Jhermy Esperanzate 

So proud to have been a part if this momentous event of the year produced by finest workers uk.
Thank you marvin,dith,ryan and to all the staff behind the show.!!-- Joel Miranda 

Musika Silangan would like to thank Finest Workers UK specially Marvin Guzman, Dith Marimon and Jhermy Esperanzate for giving us the oppurtunity to become part of the PFest London. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat and congratulations for a job well done!-- Erik Faune


 Its a pleasure for Finestworkers mgt & staff who worked hard this second time around to be connected with Philippine Performers. It's been a great job... with all the efforts, time, dedication and commitment--- together we stand! THUMBS UP TO FinestWorkersUkLtd!! –Mi Amore

Congratz to Marvin and the whole Team of P-Fest.., and to all the Artists from the local performers up the Guest Band from the Philippines truly world class...-- EU Radiopinoy 


Thanks ulit kuya Marvz di ako nagsasawang mag pasalamat ... Dami mong napasayang tao ... You're the Man, More Power Finest Workers team !!!-- Norbz Calma Gayanilo


Thank you Marvin & Finest Workers UK for a dream come true!!-- Kate Torralba

To the Event Manager, RhythmBureau Rhyan, Marketing Manager, Jheremy. 
And all the staff who worked hard to make this P fest possible ( the Leeds and Romford team, the

bands, the crews ) I'm so proud of you all!-- Mi Amore


Finest Workers thank you for this concert of a lifetime! God bless you with more superb and awesome concerts and gigs to come. We love you FWUKltd xxxxx ---Zenaida Guzman


Superrb!! Thanks so much po for bringin' them in here. Congratz to E heads and Finest Workers. :)) A Legacy, an E-Historic Event. We had so so much fun. We won't forget the experience we all had. :))-- mm Ghie 


 thank you po for bringing them of the best nite concerts we really enjoyed...!!!-- Robert Ocampo


THE DREAM COMES TRUE....Eheads on the road.--

Rodamin Acain


CONGRATULATIONS to a very successful concert! Looking forward to the next one....--. Joza Floresca 



Congratulations tito Marvin Guzman I am proud of you. You making history. God bless to you and eheads.-- Thelma Fornillos Potente Manville


Salamat sa Alamat na iniwan nyo sa alala naming mga taga suporta ng Eheads! sa Henyong si Sir Marvin Guzman at bumubuo ng Finest Workers... kayo ang naging instrument ng makasaysayang naganap nung 04/04/14 .. salamat po!!! mabuhay kayo!!!-- Drake Medina 


Congrats Sir Marvin, this is another milestone for Finest workers ltd. I would say this is considered as a history already. More more concerts to come. More blessings!-- Bhaby M M Oliva 



 Amen! Tnx bro marvin and crew! U guys done it!! U rock!!-- Vince Lobo


A great success..thank you for a great entertainment ..more success--Ela Hidalgo 



staff and crew of Finest Workers UK, you truly are (the finest workers) ‪#‎Eheads2014


Congrats Marvin, Dith, Finest Workers UK and all the artists!--- Day Cabuhat