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Yano history starts in Davao City when I was in about high school. It was around 3rd yr. when I suddenly decided to close my ears from foreign music. For what reason, I really didn't know. I felt though that foreign experience was alien to my own.


I only knew then that I really wanted to compose my own songs, both lyrics and melody. And be able to record my own album.

In college, I joined theater where I had the opportunity to compose for music. Most of it was ethnic fusion.


In 1991, I went to Manila to study at the UP Diliman College of Music to equip me more in music. It really stemmed out from the frustration that there wasn't any recording studio in Davao at that time.

Then I was given the opportunity to represent a choral group Patatag for a concert tour in Japan for a whole month. There I was given a semi-acoustic guitar in Japan by Manji in a pseudo-samurai ritual in his Tokyo flat, which I later named 'Kai'.


Coming home on a subway trian holding the guitar, I thought that my dream of recording my own songs has come to reality because of the guitar.

Coming back to Manila, I invited another member of Patatag to come with me in my songwriting adventure. He was then reluctant but after a month came to my place and declared that he was in.


Right at that point, I initiated a levelling-off of some guiding principles knowing that composition is a creative activity and guiding principles are vital to facilitate a fluid exchange of ideas.


True enough, the writing was very quick. And after 1 yr, the songs would be recorded professionally with Alpha Records and be known overwhelmingly across the nation.

That was 1994, and the rest is history as they say. Now, Yano's story and telling continues! -- ERIC GANCIO