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ERASERHEADS live in London

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One of Manila’s most idiosyncratic rock bands, celebrated its fifteenth year in 2013 with the release of their seventh album FAT, SALT AND FLAME.


Much like all great art, the songs of Sandwich have that quality of being fresh yet familiar at the same time. Listening to a Sandwich record is like opening up a wormhole into an entirely different dimension and yet coming home. It’s like wolfing down pancakes at the opening of a Saatchi showdown. Or saying “boat” over and over again until it doesn’t make sense anymore.


But really, all they wanted in the beginning was some merch.

When Sandwich came together in 1998, Diego Castillo and Raymund Marasigan would sit for hours fantasizing about their band name on a t-shirt. And maybe a logo on the kick drum. Raymund was pulling at the bit to play guitar after ten years as the drummer for his other band The Eraserheads. Diego said he knew some people, who knew some people. So they plucked Myrene Academia and Mike Dizon out of obscurity and Sandwich was born.


Well, relative obscurity anyway: Myrene was a radio disc jockey at the local rock station and Mike was playing drums for beloved grunge band The Teeth. For their first three albums there was also Marc Abaya, boy wonder on lead vocals and guitar, discovered jamming a Beastie Boys track at their future video director’s basement party. After they got together for their first rehearsal, merch dreams fell by the wayside. Now they wanted an album. They released GRIP STAND THROW in 1999.


The band hit the reset button after their third record. Marc graduated from college, got too busy and had to leave. It was also their first independent album which meant lugging boxes of CDs to warehouses, and boxes of donuts to radio stations. Raymund took on frontman duties, while Mong Alcaraz, guitar sweetheart of Chicosci fame, joined the band officially after inadvertently learning the songs from his roommate, Diego. Three albums later they’ve toured the country many times over, and have played festivals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, New York and LA.


They just want to play your town.




* Best New Artist (1999 NU Rock Awards)

* Song of the Year - "Butterfly Carnival" (1999 NU Rock Awards)

* Album of the Year - "Grip Stand Throw" (1999 NU Rock Awards)

* Best Performance of a New Duo or Group Recording Artist - "Butterfly Carnival" (2000 Awit Awards)

* Best Alternative Artist (2000 99.5 RT Music Awards)

* Album of the Year - "4-Track Mind" (2001 NU Rock Awards)

* Producer of the Year - "Thanks To The Moon's Gravitational Pull" (2004 NU Rock Awards)

* Favorite Indie Artist (2006 MYX Music Awards)

* Rock Video of the Year - "Sugod" (2006 NU Rock Awards)

* Best Album Packaging - "Five on the Floor" (2006 NU Rock Awards)

* Guitarist of the Year - Mong Alcaraz (2006 NU Rock Awards)

* Bassist of the Year - Myrene Academia (2006 NU Rock Awards)

* Best Male Award - Mong Alcaraz (2006 NU Rock Awards)

* Video of the Year - "Sugod" (2006 MTV Pilipinas Music Awards)

* Rock Video of the Year - "DVDX" (2007 NU Rock Awards)

* Best Live Act (2008)

* Song of the Year - "Betamax" (2008 NU Rock Awards)

* Favorite Artist (2011 MYX Music Awards)

* Favorite Rock Video - "Lakad" (2011 MYX Music Awards)




* Brand endorsements: Nike, Frenzy, Coca-Cola, Cafe Puro, Rayban, Smart Bro.


* International festivals played: AYAF Music Festival (China), Future Music Festival (Malaysia), Filipino Music Festival (Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA), Clockenflap (Hong Kong).