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ERASERHEADS live in London

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Diego Mapa – lead vocals, synthesizer, percussion

Raimund Marasigan – synthesizer, percussion, vocals

Mike Dizon – drums, percussion

Jason Caballa – guitar, percussion, vocals

RA Rivera – sampler, synthesizer, vocals



Back in August 2004, four seasoned musicians from different bands and a renowned filmmaker decided to get together and form a band. They wrote songs, played shows, gave themselves rapper-style stage names, and collectively called themselves Pedicab, after the common man’s mode of transportation that exists all over the world, but in different forms. And the name suited them, because their chosen sonic formula was simple and straightforward – driving disco beats, synthesized basslines, minimalist guitar riffs, and vocalist Diego Mapa’s whimsical, witty wordplay. The following year, Pedicab made their debut record (Tugish Takish) and proved that dance music can find a place on rock radio, while dozens of young local acts took cues from the band’s sound and put their own spin on it, creating an underground movement of dance-punks all over the nation.

Pedicab’s second full-length release, 2008’s Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter, documented the band’s sonic evolution as it simultaneously displayed the band embracing other eclectic sounds and influences, from house music to garage rock. The album also produced their most recognizable hits to date (“Ang Pusa Mo,” “FX,” and “Simulan Mo Na”), enhanced by vivid, chart-topping videos that portrayed the band being physically abused by attractive women (including the likes of TV host Shawn Yao, cosplay queens Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao, and fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian, before they became massively famous), flying around Manila in a helicopter, and goofing off in a Philippine Army camp in Tarlac. By now, the band had become a live favorite, packing clubs and local indie festivals with music fans looking to experience and dance to what became the standard Pedicab performance – a live band version of a fluid, nonstop DJ set, with the band seamlessly segueing from one song to the other, oftentimes on the fly. Their repute as live performers also caught the attention of corporate sponsors like Manila Beer and Chippy, which gave Pedicab numerous out-of-town dates during the years that followed, as well as the organizers of Singapore’s annual Mosaic Music Festival, for which the band was booked to play in March 2009. During this period, Pedicab were also given the enviable honor of opening for the likes of then-emerging pop superstar Lady Gaga (again, before she got really famous) and the cult-favorite Japanese all-female rock trio, Shonen Knife, during their respective concerts in Manila.



Several years have passed since Pedicab’s previous creative and commercial breakthrough, and since then, the band’s members have significantly expanded their record collections (their latest acquired vinyl is a usual topic in the tour van) and got to attend a number of eye-opening shows by their favorite international acts (like Soulwax, The Flaming Lips, Nine Inch Nails, and others), keeping themselves musically updated, informed, and motivated. They’ve also started a modest, DIY nationwide tour called the Excursion Tour with kindred spirits Taken By Cars, Gaijin, and TeamManila. All of these contributed to the writing and recording of their brand new EP, Kaya Mo Mag-Sando, as the band employed a wide array of sounds and samples, including acoustic guitars, simulated horns and strings, tribal beats, and a lot of percussion. (More cowbell!) In fact, none of the EP’s six tracks remotely resemble any song on the band’s previous two records, but longtime fans and listeners will certainly appreciate – if not come to expect – the sonic evolution and the quirky grooves that the five seasoned musicians (yes, including the filmmaker) that make up Pedicab consistently provide.

Upon debut, the album peaked at #1 in digital sales at The band released their first single Otomatik in which the music video was shot entirely in Vietnam. They release their 2nd single “Insekto” from their album “Kaya Mo Mag-Sando?”. @ Myx last Sept 8.