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Kate Torralba is the Philippines' answer to the
pianist-singer-songwriter genre; she just happens to be an
accomplished fashion designer in her home country. This former piano
prodigy impresses with her songwriting flair, humor and charisma
onstage. With her trademark visual & musical style, KT is eye + ear

KT is currently on tour in
Europe to promote her debut album 'Long
Overdue', independently produced and recorded in
Los Angeles, Paris &
Manila. The album has been critically acclaimed in the Philippines
(declared #1 on the Top 25 Filipino Albums of 2013 by independent
music authority Vandals on the Wall) and is a commercial success as
well (currently #9 on the National Charts, Astroplus). The album's
first two singles, 'Pictures' and 'Northfleet', are currently on the
airwaves in the
Philippines and Hong Kong.

KT has performed on various stages and music festivals around the
world including the Summer Peace Festival. Philippine International
Jazz Festival, Fete de la Musique (Paris & Manila), the famed
Troubadour Club (Los Angeles), Badehaus (Berlin), Blu Jazz Cafe
(Singapore), Badmotel
(Bangkok), Divine (Seoul), among others.

A unique solo piano act witha lot of humor and spunk peppered in
between, Kate occasionally performs with a full band she wittily calls
'Kate Torralband' featuring the best musicians in OPM and
international music: Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan of
Eraserheads/Sandwich/Pedicab; Junji Lerma, Francis de Veyra and Jay
Gapasin of Radioactive Sago Project, Sach Castillo of SOUND, producer
Malek Lopez, Todd Hunter and the Dionne Warwick Band.

If you love Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Bjørk, Sia, chances are you
will be very charmed by the
Philippines' Petite Piano Princess.  Long
Overdue is distributed by MCA Music
Philippines / Universal Music



Music Film by French Filmmaker Vincent Moon --

'Drunk On Your Love' --

'Northfleet' -

'Pictures' (Filipino TV appearance) --