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New P FEST Promotion through Early September


10/08/2014:  By now, you are probably aware of the P FEST UK events coming to Leeds and London in September. Both concerts promise to be spectacular events showcasing Original Pinoy Music from well-known brands and local talent. However, P FEST is not just for the UK. The concert organisers, Finest Workers UK, are taking the P FEST brand global. They want you to be a part of it.


To that end, Finest Workers has announced a brand-new ticket promotion running from now through until the first week of September. Anyone purchasing tickets for the Leeds, London and Toronto Canada concerts will also be given free tickets to P FEST Pilipinas 2015, being held in Manila next spring. The Manila concert will be the largest ever Pinoy music concert in history, with 25 bands and an expected attendance of at least 100,000.


This promotion is a great opportunity for you to get two concert events for the price of one. If you are already planning a visit to the Philippines next spring, P FEST Pilipinas 2015 gives you something extra to look forward to. If you are not planning a visit, going for the concert will also allow you to visit family members and friends you have not seen in a while.


The P FEST Brand


P FEST began as a vision to create a Pinoy focused music festival in the UK. Event organisers quickly realised that Pinoy music is loved around the world, so they made a decision not to limit P FEST just to the UK. They decided to create a global brand that will eventually produce P FEST concerts at various locations all around the world.


Next year's P FEST Pilipinas 2015 is the first international event for the P FEST brand. Finest Workers are hard at work making all the arrangements for the venue, the scheduled bands, equipment and technical services, promotion, security and so much more. It is a vast undertaking that Finest Workers believes will result in music history being made. You have an opportunity to be part of that history when you purchase tickets for P FEST UK.


Dates in times for P FEST UK are:


Leeds – Saturday, September 27 beginning at 2pm until 10PM
London – Sunday, September 28 beginning at 1pm until Midnight




Toronto – Saturday, December 6


Finest Workers is still working to confirm the date and time of P FEST Pilipinas 2015. Information will be released as soon as it's available.