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ERASERHEADS live in London

Open Call

If you would like to join our P Festival, please send your information here.

Finest Workers UK Expresses Thanks:

(London) 31/08/15 – Finest Workers UK Ltd, a London-based event promoter with a focus on the Pinoy community, has enjoyed a tremendously successful year since the inauguration of P-Fest in 2014. The owners and staff of the organisation want to thank all of those who have been involved over the last 12 months, especially those who have participated in their most recent events: The 70s Superband UK Live Tour artists Nonoy Tan, Rey  Magtoto, Ramon Gaskell, Roberto N. Rigor, Raymund G. Espia , Manuel Jr. C. Mallillin , Teofanet C. Mallillin and Event Organiser Doddie Victorino and Event Manager Rhyan Zambrano.



Organising and staging events such as these is not easy. It all begins with the performers willing to accept invitations from Finest Workers to play some of the best venues in the UK. Thanks go out to all of those who have worked with Finest Workers to provide high quality, family-friendly entertainment for the company's solid fan base. Finest Workers also thanks Nutrifit Care Ltd, Salad Master, Kevin Dale Residential Care Home, Ishmagz International Magazine, P Fest Bar, Pines Consultancy, FM Bar, One Philippines, RMUK, Ron Dalida arts,  who show their support for both the company and its fan base by sponsoring events with their own financial investments. None of what Finest Workers does would be possible without a strong sponsor base.


Finest Workers UK, Nutrifit Care Ltd, and KevinDale offer heartfelt thanks to all of those who work so hard behind the scenes to make sure individual events go off without any significant problems. There are always challenges to be overcome in the entertainment and promotion business, but everyone from the support staff to security to the legions of volunteers who come alongside Finest Workers all contribute to make each and every event truly memorable.


Of course, Finest Workers has not forgotten its loyal fan base. The entire staff thanks the fans for their continued support with every event. Since bringing Eraserheads to London and back in spring of 2014, the fans have been very supportive of every show Finest Workers has offered.


The fans are why we do what we do,” “Our earnest desire is to make sure our fans always have opportunities to enjoy the best entertainment presented with a level of integrity that is hard to find in the promotion business. Our fans mean everything to us, that's for sure.”


Special thanks to: Leah Cubio, Adelina Duenas, Nany Lagie, Joanna Kelly, Jhermy Esperanzate, Musika Silangan, PMUK,  Jun Patelo, Lorrie Fordan, Roel Martin, Lito Sumang, Loralie Canale, Rae-Mans Oriental, Nilo’s Restaurant, DJ Rain, Juan Republic, T. Fernandez, Riversion, Salunguhit, FEUK, Rommel Palermo, Christian Lugtu, Rodamin Acain, Amor Parazo, Marita Lui Pio, Ashley Ner, Ivy Alejandro, Ela Hidalgo.


Heartfelt Condolences


The entire Finest Workers staff also wish to express condolences to the family of a very special friend, Orly Porte Carbungco, who recently passed away as a result of the tragic accident. Orly was a friend and supporter of Finest Workers, he was a tremendous artist, producer and writer. Most of all, he was a wonderful family man who was loved by all.


We are all shocked and deeply saddened by the death of Orly Carbungco, especially after having spent time with him recently doing some great work together,”.


Orly truly enjoyed life and, in honour of that, I want to encourage all of our fans, friends, supporters, and behind-the-scenes staff to be careful and to enjoy their lives and, above all, to remember to tell loved ones how much they mean to us.”


Orly Carbungco's legacy will live on in his music and the memories he helped create.