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Filipino Music Festival Coming SEPTEMBER 2014

(London) 07/26/2013 - Every year the UK is fortunate enough to enjoy several prominent music festivals, including RockNess and the V Festival. However, beginning in 2014 a new festival will be coming to England: P Festival. This brand-new event is being organised and promoted by Finest Workers UK Ltd.


According to Finest Workers' Marvin Guzman, the event will follow the same format as its more well known counterparts. Finest Workers will be bringing in some big-name acts that are well known to the Filipino community as well as featuring local talent. However, the inaugural P Festival will have some key differences.


First, the festival will be a single-day event; at least in its first year. If promoters see the attendance figures they hope to see, that could change in later years. The other major difference is that the inaugural P Festival will be absolutely for pinoy comunity. Music fans need only show up and enjoy the shows, which are expected to run from 1PM until midnight on Sunday. September 28.


According to Guzman, P Festival is an opportunity to bring the UK Filipino community together in a cultural event that will hopefully strengthen their ties as a community. The latest estimates suggests there are some 300,000 Filipinos living in the UK, representing a vibrant community that loves to come together for events like this one.


Although the venue and artist line-up have yet to be released, finest Workers UK Ltd. will be publicising more information as it becomes available. They are encouraging everyone in the Filipino community to keep their ears and eyes open for future announcements. They are also asking people to pass on the information to their friends and family members as well.


P Festival 2014 promises to be an exciting and entertaining event. Finest Workers UK Ltd. is looking forward to offering this festival to the Filipino community on annual basis.


About Finest Workers UK Ltd.


Formed in 2011 for the purpose of bringing high-quality entertainment to the UK, Finest Workers UK Ltd. aims to change the entertainment culture by offering affordable events and a high standard of ethics rarely found in the entertainment industry. The company works with artist representatives, entertainment venues, local talent, and public officials in a team effort to promote quality entertainment in the UK. For more information about the company or the upcoming P Festival, please direct your inquiries to:


Finest Workers UK Ltd.