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ERASERHEADS live in London

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April 2014 Chosen for E-Heads Visit


What do you love most about the spring season? For some it is the blooming of the flowers and the resurgence of the grass and trees. Others love the warmer temperatures and spring rains. But if you're a fan of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) this spring may be even more special. Why? Because April has been chosen as the month Filipino rock sensation Eraserheads visits the UK.


That's right; the E-Heads will be coming to London on April 4, 2014. They will be playing the historic Eventim Apollo theatre on Hammersmith's Queen Caroline Street in West London. Mark your calendars for this date and make plans to attend. The concert will be a historic one for several reasons.


First off, this will be the very first Filipino-focused music event ever held at the Apollo. There have been some great acts in the past, including bands like Aerosmith and the Kings of Leon, but there has never been an OPM band play this wonderful venue. Eraserheads will be the first; hopefully they will not be the last.


Second, the April 4 concert will mark the first time the E-Heads have played in the UK. Reunion concerts have been played in North America, Singapore, Manila, and the UAE, but never before in the UK. If the London crowd is welcoming enough, who knows? Maybe Eraserheads could be persuaded to come back again.


The original four members of Eraserheads will all be together for the London concert. They are:


  • Ely Buendia – lead vocals, guitar
  • Marcus Adoro – lead guitars
  • Buddy Zabala – bass
  • Raimund Marasigan – drums


Eraserheads was formed in the late 1980s by university friends looking to use music as a way to attract members of opposite sex. They spent the first couple of years playing covers on the university tour in and around Manila. However, it wasn't too long into it when they realised they were much better playing original music than covers. The decision to switch set in motion a chain of events that would make the E-Heads an international music sensation.


The Eraserheads Signature Sound


If you are not familiar with OPM, a few hours spent listening to Eraserheads will solve that problem. It is a sound that mixes raw melodies, intricate harmonies, and a high-energy vibe with lyrics that are incredibly challenging and thought provoking.


Perhaps the best way to wrap all of this up is to refer to the fact that Eraserheads are frequently talked about as the Filipino Fab Four. Putting the band in the same league with the legendary Beatles says it all. Now you know why you need to make a point of attending the April 4 concert at the Apollo in Hammersmith