Pinoy Festival Reg Number: 09131541

P Fest Reg Number: 09131841


ERASERHEADS live in London

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If you would like to join our P Festival, please send your information here.

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About Finest Workers UK Ltd.


Finest Workers UK Limited is an event promoter and organiser based in London. Our primary business is one of organising and promoting family-friendly entertainment events in the UK, while also adhering to a very high ethical standard rarely seen in the entertainment industry. To that end, we are also proud members of the Association of Festival Organisers.


We tend to focus on events appealing to the Filipino community as a way of promoting Pinoy culture. These events can be anything from a single concert by a well-known band, or a multi-day event along the lines of our P Festival scheduled for next summer. In promoting entertainment events aimed specifically at the Filipino community, we are better able to strengthen the cultural ties of our families across the UK.


Finest workers UK Limited is fully insured with £5 million in public liability and £10 million employer's liability. Furthermore, we strive to be fully compliant with all UK border agency regulations for sponsorship and reporting in any event we promote. As per the regulations, Finest Workers:


  • keeps records of passports or UK immigration documents for all qualified individuals
  • maintains contact information for all qualified individuals
  • maintains appropriate standards for meeting reporting requirements
  • has policies in place to collect any and all information needed for reporting.


Our company firmly believes in the necessity of adhering to our responsibilities as both an employer and sponsor. We make every effort to ensure both our workers and the acts we promote always remain above board. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining the utmost integrity in every business transaction, event promotion, and sponsorship.


If you are in need of any more information about Finest Workers UK Limited, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


Finest Workers UK Ltd. 

Associate Member: Association of Festival Organisers




Pinoy Festival Reg Number: 09131541

P Fest Reg Number: 09131841



Insurance Details
We are fully insured in respect of Public Liability and Employers' Liability.
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